You can help in any of the following activities:

  • Helping to increase the registered membership of the Approval Voting Party
  • Advocating actively in both Longmont and Littleton to pass ordinances or initiatives for Approval Voting
  • Recruiting candidates for the 2020 state wide and congressional elections
  • Help with research projects. (no phone calling required)
  • Help with scheduling time at local high schools talking to the next generation of voters
  • Creating TEDx Talks as a persuasive tool
  • Participating as an Approval Voting Party exhibitor and parade entry for Littleton’s Western Welcome Week in August

Voters naturally want to choose more than one.

Colorado’s newest party is seeking citizens of the state to register to vote as Approval Voting Party members.

The Approval Voting Party has been established in Colorado. As a Qualified Political Organization we lack the ability to nominate candidates for the ballot until we achieve one-thousand registered voter members. The state reported 838 registered members at the end of July 2019 and the party was founded earlier this year.

On June  2nd of 2019 the first statewide convention was held in Denver.