Approval Voting does a better job of expressing the will of the entire voting population because:


  • It allows voters to express approval for more than one candidate;

  • Compromise candidates are discovered by allowing the support of multiple choices;

  • Approval Voting allows the election of the candidate with the broadest popular support, not the leader of the largest fraction;

  • Voters are able to vote for a candidate that has no chance of winning to show support for that candidate for next time;

  • When campaigning for a candidate a supporter can request voters to add their candidates to their approval list;

  • Approval Voting disincentivizes negative campaigning. Our current system incentivizes negative campaigning;

  • No changes are needed to be made to our current vote counting process.
    All votes are counted;

  • It eliminates the need for runoffs, the candidate with the broadest popular support is elected.

Voters naturally want to choose more than one.

Colorado’s newest party is seeking citizens of the state to register to vote as Approval Voting Party members.

The Approval Voting Party has been established in Colorado. On October 1st 2019 over one-thousand Colorado voters have registered as AVP which was founded in late 2018.

The second statewide convention will be held in Denver on March 1st 2020.