Press Release

Approval Voting Party of Colorado

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
The Approval Voting Party achieves Minor Party status

The Approval Voting Party of Colorado has achieved Minor Party status with the Secretary of State reporting on the first of October the number of 1,083 registered voters. This has been accomplished by voters in less than a year. Approval Voting advocates are showing their dedication to Colorado’s newest political party. The AVP sees new registrations by the youngest voters and affiliation changes by experienced voters seeking real change on how we vote.

I’m encouraged that so many Colorado voters are selecting the Approval Voting Party when choosing their voter affiliation,” says Approval Voting party vice-chair Blake Huber. “Our new status as a party fully recognized by the State of Colorado, complete with the ability to place all of our candidates directly onto the November 2020 General Election ballot, no more petitioning required, is all the more encouraging seeing as how it’s coming just a year after we achieved Qualified Political Organization status by petitioning a Secretary of State candidate onto the 2018 ballot. Our party plans to nominate candidates for many offices including a possible candidate for president. The concept of Approval Voting is to have elections where you don’t vote for the lesser of two evils.
Mr. Huber continues, “Our party has gained recognition within a year of its existence because people are thirsting for a better voting method.

On behalf of the Unity Party membership, I’d like to welcome, Frank, Blake and Approval Voting to the club,” says United National Committee Chairman Bill Hammons, who was the first and only third party candidate to single-handedly petition onto the General Election ballot in Colorado history, in 2008, 2014 and 2016. “Frank and Blake have rightly convinced myself and others of the merits of Approval Voting, the Approval Voting Method is up for incorporation into the Unity Party of America national platform at our 2020 national convention, and we’re working forward to continue to work with them closely to achieve desperately-needed change in this country as lasting as it is monumental.

The Approval Voting Party was founded as a Qualified Political Organization in 2018 by Colorado residents Frank Atwood and Blake Huber to promote the best of many alternatives to the winner-take-all voting systems contributing to the us-versus-them, divide-and-conquer mentality pervading today’s political landscape. The party’s website is

Voters naturally want to choose more than one.

Colorado’s newest party is seeking citizens of the state to register to vote as Approval Voting Party members.

The Approval Voting Party has been established in Colorado. On October 1st 2019 over one-thousand Colorado voters have registered as AVP which was founded in late 2018.

The second statewide convention will be held in Denver on March 1st 2020.