Labor Cost Saver

With the current voting system, more than one vote in a race is considered an Over Vote. When Over Votes are declared, multi-partisan teams of voters review individual ballots to try to ascertain “voter intent”.
With Approval Voting all votes would be counted. Thus, the need for many staffing positions concerning ballot review would be greatly reduced.

Ballots are handled and viewed by judges before being electro-mechanically scanned. Ballot anomalies are in full view before being confirmed by machines. Many clerks have wisely chosen not to have scanners confirm food stains or obvious sharpie drawings; diverting ‘bad ballots’ to other judges. It is not likely that defeating overvote rejection and counting all the votes will increase unintentional votes. Judges have been perfectly capable of diverting ballots before scanners. Scanners and tally may operate continuously without pause for overvote conditions.

Colorado’s newest party is seeking citizens of the state to register to vote as Approval Voting Party members.

The Approval Voting Party has been established in Colorado. On October 1st 2019 over one-thousand Colorado voters have registered as AVP which was founded in late 2018.

The second statewide convention will be held in Denver on March 1st 2020.

Voters naturally want to choose more than one.