Welcome to the online home of The Approval Voting Party.

Colorado voters may affiliate with the Approval Voting Party online with the secretary of state.
In 2020 there will be Approval Voting Party candidates and issues on statewide ballots. 

Approval Voting is a voting method were voters may select as many candidates as they would approve of. The candidate receiving the most votes wins the election.
Approval Voting is useful when there are more than two candidates; or multiple choices for a ballot issue.
Approval Voting highlights:

  • No vote splitting or spoilers, ever
  • Highly resistant to tactical voting
  • Significantly less spoiled ballots
  • More expressive – Always vote your honest favorite
  • All candidates get a more accurate measure of support
  • Easy to tally and results are transparent
  • Ballots are the same, the number of choices increases

Colorado’s newest party is seeking citizens of the state to register to vote as Approval Voting Party members.

The Approval Voting Party has been established in Colorado. As a Qualified Political Organization we lack the ability to nominate candidates for the ballot until we achieve one-thousand registered voter members. The state reported 648 registered members at the end of April 2019 and the party was founded earlier this year.

On April 20th of 2020 we will hold our first statewide convention in Denver. With over one thousand members, in person and by electronic means, we will nominate candidates for the 2020 ballot.